Valuable learning nuggets that you’ll never forget – Sally Prescott

By devadmin

If I offered you a magic key to a world where your colleagues and leaders can flourish and grow, would you take it?

I did, and I’ve never looked back. It’s a wonderful place to spend your working life.

You cannot underestimate the impact of learning and development on you and your team. Learning broadens the mind, challenges you, and provides light bulb moments that can stay with you forever.

You’re never too busy for training

When people tell me they don’t have time for learning and development, I feel a little sad. Sad because of all the opportunities they might be missing out on. Sad because they don’t have the time or are told they cannot be freed. We all need some time to think and reflect. After all, training exists to improve our skills, knowledge or behaviour in order to become more effective and efficient. Continuous learning is so important to keep our minds fresh and open to consider new ideas - plus it’s so accessible these days. I’m sure most of us learn new things every day without even thinking about it. You don’t necessarily need to be locked away in a room to learn and develop.

In my experience of delivering training, when people attend they often go away grateful that they’ve learnt something new, beyond what they’d anticipated. If we stop learning, our growth is restricted. We need to challenge our thinking and consider different perspectives. When we do this we allow ourselves to keep up with the times, and find more efficient and effective ways to think and do things. Personally, I attended an event this afternoon, where I did learn something new!

Achieve excellence with bite-sized learning

If you watch ‘How to’ videos on YouTube, or read blogs and journals, this is a form of learning. Small bite-sized chunks of learning like these work well because we have a limited attention span and our brains can absorb two or three key points easily. This is why I’ve developed a series of online webinars to help you and your team achieve excellence in customer service and leadership.

Each webinar lasts 60-minutes and focuses on developing customer service skills and leadership. They’re ideal for people who want to grow and improve their performance by taking small steps to make it happen.

An effective use of time and budget

Online learning is affordable and cost-effective. You won’t waste any time or budget on travel, overnight stays and related expenses. You’re free to learn at a time that suits you, then transfer your learning to the workplace and put it into action straight away.

Flexible to meet your learning and development needs

Besides low costs, the best thing about webinars is that they can easily be flexed to meet your needs. We’ve developed a range of webinars on subjects from listening skills to goal setting, but we can design bespoke sessions aligned to individual needs.

Webinars are great if:

·       You’re struggling with a specific area of development

·       A new recruit needs training, but you can’t provide support internally

·       Your team is spread across a broad geographical area

·       It’s time to refresh your knowledge or think differently

·       You prefer to learn at your own pace

·       You know you need help, but can’t spare the time away from work to attend an event or workshop

Take a look at our webinar info flyer to learn more about what we offer.

Try a FREE taster webinar

If you think webinars could be the way forward for your organisation and you’d like to sample what we can offer, please ask me about a free webinar taster session.