Upskill People – The Holy Grail – How to link online learning to sales

By Steve Williams
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The Holy Grail – how to link online learning to sales

 We had an amazing turn out on Tuesday at the event; it was standing room at the back, which was fantastic to see. The key benefit messages on e-learning that came from our fantastic expert speakers (Janet Rumbold Group HRD at Ralph Trustees Ltd and Lindsay Southward Director of People Development at Malmaison) at last nights event were; innovation, engagement, embed into culture, impact on sales and saving costs are all possible. 

 We heard some great examples on innovation from Malmaison – ask Lindsay about their ‘roll the dice’ upselling initiative. A creative on-line training solution to embedding a change in behaviour at reception check-in and getting an increase in the average spend and improvement in sleeper/diner ratios.  

We also heard from Janet the real value of using e-learning is that it meets your employee needs, (Computer based, current and Multi-language) guest needs (Consistency and customer focused) and business needs (compliant and cost effective – they saved £37k in classroom costs!) and that it is not just about compliance, e-learning has so many possibilities.

We also found out that UpSkill people are very adaptable and can fill pretty much any gap in learning and turn it into an on-line solution for you, even training on LPG for gas safety.

Overall there were clear advantages for using e-learning as part of your overall blended learning solutions within any business, you can even incorporate it into on-boarding and pre-joining, how simple is that?