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  1. Why perspective and reality are so important right now

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    My original plan for this month’s blog was to investigate how people’s behaviour could cause stress or frustration for others. I was going to look at how one person’s reality is very different to the next. 

    But oh my goodness how our reality has changed over the last few weeks!

    As many of us settle into the reality of self-isolation, it’s now more important than ever to be considerate, empathetic and respectful of others’ feelings and perspectives. We should all check in regularly with colleagues, family, friends and neighbours – to ensure they’re physically and mentally healthy.

    Your listening skills are one of the greatest gifts you can give to others at the current time. Ask the right questions and you’ll soon be able to understand the person’s reality. It might not be as you expected.


    What about you? Are you ok?

    At the same time check-in with yourself. I want anyone reading this to know that I’m here if you need to talk. 

    If you need support or guidance in your new work reality, I’m available for online coaching. Webinar training and development is also highly effective for teams.

    If you find yourself with time to reflect, try the free self-reflection exercise we shared in last month’s blog. It’s a great way to consider the people you want to connect with over the next few weeks.


    Zest for Life’s reality

    The reality for Zest for Life right now is very strange and very different to the start of 2020. It’s taken some time to adapt to our new circumstances. So much of our business is conducted face to face within the hospitality, retail and leisure sector. This means most of our client training and development sessions have been postponed until June. Even then, we don’t know if these will go ahead. But I understand this is the new uncertain reality for so many of us.

    I’m an active person so my aim throughout this is to keep busy. I’m using the time to focus on my voluntary work and to plan for the future.

    I continue to conduct webinars with the Springboard charity leadership team. We had a golden breakthrough moment in our last session and it felt brilliant! 

    Radio Lollipop is another a charity I’m involved with. I’ve been a Trustee and volunteer for 29 years. Working remotely with the new team in New York, it’s wonderful to see the spirit of Radio Lollipop developing from session to session. 

    Although this is all unpaid work it’s very rewarding and a welcome change to do something normal.

    I’ve also put myself forward as a coach to the NHS and I’m waiting to hear what this role might look like. They’re looking for qualified mental health specialists, counsellors and coaches who are willing to help. If you’d like to get involved get in touch here.


    A little ray of sunshine

    Across the world, people are slowly coming around to the reality of remote working. Parents juggling childcare, homeschooling and caring for a family with working from home are looking for support and guidance. I’m experienced in running online training and video coaching sessions so when a colleague asked me to help out with delivering their Productive Remote Working training I jumped at the chance. I so enjoyed connecting with people again! 

    If you’re interested in running this programme for your teams get in touch and I’ll ask my colleague to drop you a line.


    Focus on the positives

    I believe every cloud has a silver lining and my reduced workload has provided some much-needed headspace to focus on writing my book. It’s top-secret at the moment but I’ll share more before I publish later this year.  

    I’ve also had the time to update our Exceptional Service Makes Sense and Exceptional Leadership Makes Sense programmes. It’s always been our intention to make these available as webinar programmes, as open courses or closed and dedicated for remote teams. If you’d like to find out how you can access these please let me know.


    Your task for the week

    If you do one thing this week, please take the time to check-in and find out if your colleagues, friends and family are managing ok in this uncertain reality we’re facing. Even if you’re feeling good it doesn’t mean that others are. 

    And if you’re not coping with your reality, find someone you can talk to. No matter how simple or insignificant your problem is, seek help to get back on track. It’s good to talk, to be heard and considered.

    Stay safe and well