Title File Type Categories Topics Date
DLA Employment Law Update 2020 PDF Employment LawPresentation Employment Law Update April 30, 2020
Tier 2 Gov Fees – 3 & 5 years PDF Employment Law Immigration March 9, 2020
Beyond Brexit – Event Slides BrexitPDF Employment LawPresentation Brexit March 9, 2020
Beyond Brexit: The UK’s plans for a new immigration system Fact Sheet Employment Law BrexitImmigration February 25, 2020
How can employee benefits be utilised to help attract and retain modern-day staff in our ever-competitive employment landscape? Presentation Event BlogPresentation Benefits December 8, 2019
Evolution of People Analytics – HR in Hospitality Presentation PDF Presentation AnalyticsPast EventPresentation August 12, 2019
The Evolution of people and workforce analytics Blog 25.07.19 PDF Event Blog AnalyticsBlogPast Event August 12, 2019
World Café Conference feedback notes PDF Event BlogPresentation BlogConferenceWorld Cafe April 3, 2019
DLA Employment Law Update PDF Employment LawPresentation Employment LawPresentation April 3, 2019
Good Work Plan PDF Employment Law Government Report February 12, 2019

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