Professionalising the Profession

By HRHadmin

‘Professionalising the Profession’ – Thursday 27th June 2013

Thursday’s evening at HR in Hospitality ‘Professionalising the Profession’ was an evening for HR Professionals indulgence.

Esther O’Halloran presented the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Human Resources specialists.  It made sense, other professions such as lawyers; accountants etc who are qualified have to demonstrate their ongoing knowledge and skills, to ensure that they are current.  When we keep our skills and knowledge current this then ensures that the business that we work can be confident that we as Human Resource specialist are up date to date and that we have the appropriate impact on their business.

When we as HR professional can demonstrate our ongoing learning it not only allows us to feel good about what we’ve achieved personally, this can also assist us in showing what we contribute to the organisation success through the development that we’ve undertaken.  The CIPD fought to gain ‘Chartered’ status just 10 years ago to keep us current as we add more and more value to organisations, we need to be able to prove to them that we do maintain our knowledge, understand changes in legislation, trends, workforce and organisational behaviours etc.  The bottom line is, do we have evidence at hand that says we are credible as a HR Professional and member of the the CIPD might ask and monitor the professional levels of its members?

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Sarah Hughes from the CIPD then presented what it means to be a member of the CIPD and basically the benefits are that we as Human Resources specialist have information readily available to us to ensure that HR Professionals are that ‘Professional’.

Sarah explained how the levels of membership have change, the level of our membership is an indication of the level to which work we work, and these are outlined below:

Associate Member – This means that you’re typically providing professional advice to managers across the business and supporting the HR function.

Chartered Member – This means you’re typically managing, developing and implementing HR policies that support organisational objectives.

Fellow Member – This means you’re typically leading the development of strategic HR plans that drive sustained business performance.

Information on how to ensure that you are recognised at the right level can be found on the CIPD website, an assessment criterion needs to be met to gain the appropriate recognition.

For HR professionals who have worked and are stilling working in HR, yet haven’t gain the any relevant qualifications, CIPD will give credit for this experience and knowledge, which is less time consuming to attending University etc.

It was a great evening.