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Monday 03 June 2024, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Registration is now open for our 2024 HR in Hospitality Salary & Benefits Survey.

Now in our 3rd year, the HR in Hospitality Salary & Benefits Survey provides our members and participants with detailed statistical data across a range of positions from line employees to senior executives [to provide you with current pay ranges across industry] by position from a cross section of businesses within our Sector; with a view to documenting the changing trends within Hospitality remuneration packages each year.

Over 70 companies participated in our 2023 survey, covering a workforce of over 30,000 employees. 

In addition to remuneration we also gather information on Benefits to help you compare your business offering against the market, Business Data and Key HR Metrics such as Turnover and Retention rates. We also ask participants to provide their thoughts on a number of key HR areas and people challenges facing the industry. All Data is compiled into a detailed 50 Page report which is provided to all participants in addition to our Salary survey.

Survey forms will be sent individually to participating organisations during the week beginning 3rdJune 2023; along with instructions for completion.

Participation in this survey is FREE to all our members; and the confidential report will be sent to all participants in August. We also welcome non-member organisations to participate for a nominal fee of £65.

2023 Testimonials 

The survey not only offers a clear and up-to-date picture of salary trends in hospitality but also provides valuable insights into the benefits and perks offered by various companies. We will use this information to help make informed decisions about our remuneration packages this autumn. Ros Young – People & Culture Director (Z Hotels)

This has been such a huge help for our organisation to ensure that our team members are being compensated fairly. It was an extremely smooth process and the results came back so quickly! Charlotte Hatton – Director of People and Culture (Pan Pacific)

The HR in Hospitality Salary and Benefits survey is extremely detailed and an invaluable tool for our budgeting and benchmarking activities, allowing us to compare ourselves to other Membership Clubs but also Hotels, Restaurants and the industry as a whole. Sarah Banner Director of HR (Royal Over-Seas League)
The HR in Hospitality Survey Report stands out for several reasons. Firstly, the data is highly relevant to the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality sector. Furthermore, the report’s user-friendly presentation and insightful analysis make it incredibly easy to digest complex information. The breakdown of salary data allows us to make precise comparisons and informed decisions, whether we are setting compensation packages or conducting market research. I truly endorse the HR in Hospitality Survey Report. It is a must-have tool for any hospitality professional committed in staying ahead in this dynamic industry. Thank you for delivering such a valuable resource to the hospitality community.¬† Carolina Crawford – Director of Human Resources (St Pancras Renaissance Hotel)

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