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A Gift for our HR Community: Deep Relax, Connect & Renewal Guided Meditation

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Monday 15 March 2021, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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It has been an extraordinarily turbulent time over the last 12-months and there’s still an air of uncertainty for the future. We
often talk about health, wellbeing, mental health and balance in our lives. However, talking about it and doing it are two very
different things.

At HR in Hospitality we want to offer help not just in a professional context, in a personal context too. We intend for you to
gain some personal ‘me time’ to relax your mind and your body, in order to feel refreshed and renewed. One of our committee
members had the best night sleep after participating on one of Nicky Ferry’s sessions.

More about Nicky Ferry
Nicky is a professional, mindful coach and she regularly leads meditation sessions to
support people to rest deeply into themselves. She runs Mindful Life Coaching &
Meditation and has practised mediation for very many years, initially training in a
Buddhist monastery where she lived and immersed herself in their way of life for a
number of months. She has since been on many retreats, received mentoring and
guidance from internationally recognised spiritual teachers and has a committed practise
alone and within a mediation group.

What if I can’t meditate?
Don’t be intimidated! With meditation, you are always a beginner, starting afresh to
simply be with yourself in kindness, listening and softening into whatever is present
within you. Nicky’s approach is very gentle yet deceptively powerful. You don’t need to
have mediation experience, she has successfully worked with many people who say; ’I
just can’t meditate!’ If you are one of those people, just come with an open mind and
allow yourself to follow her guidance, all the while relaxing ever more deeply into

Practical information
If you wish to join this event please make sure you find a quiet and comfy place where you have a good internet connection
and you won’t be disturbed. You may get cooler as you relax so have blankets or a duvet nearby. Participants tend to lie in
bed, on a sofa or sit in a comfortable chair, just be wherever you can relax the most.

You will receive further information with the Zoom access details should you wish to join this event. Nicky is happy to answer
any questions if you have them, contact her at: and visit:

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