Rob Burden

Rob Burden

Committee Member

Current position

Senior People Business Partner, CH&Co Catering Group

Previous positions

Voluntary HR Advisor, Dairy Crest ; HR Administrator, Babcock International Group ; HR Manager, Compass Group Southern Defence Business.

Why you joined HR in Hospitality?

Looking forward to the future of the hospitality industry, greater emphasis should be given to becoming an industry and profession of choice for upcoming Generations. As a younger member of the generation community, I am keen to enhance on my current ventures and promote our industry and profession with all of the opportunities it holds. Furthermore, as the landscape for the Hospitality industry changes over the next coming years I believe that we need to focus more on developing engagement with young professionals to begin building a foundation of networks, ready to engage and motivate our remaining substructure of core staff ahead of the impact of Brexit.

How would your best friend describe you?

Someone who is hard working, passionate about the industry I work in and fanatical about cycling and food!