Next Event – Steph Cutler Guest Speaker and AGM

By Steve Williams

Please join us for our AGM on the 26th June at 6.30pm at Simpson's in the Strand. The AGM will cover HR in Hospitality in the past 12 months and our future plans.

The AGM will be followed by a presentation by Steph Cutler, an inspirational speaker on Making Lemonade. Click book event to book your place.

Steph's background is in the competitive world of fashion. She previously worked designing and marketing for companies such as Ted Baker and also supplied designs to Marks and Spencers. In 2003 she experienced unexpected sight loss which was to be the start of a new chapter in her life.

Steph was determined from the start that losing a good deal of signed would not hold her back. At times this was easier said than done, but with some support and alot of effort she adapted to become independent and employable again. Steph found gaining work disproportionately difficult once she had a disability. So, not being known for her patience she decided to employ herself.

Making Lemonade was born from being asked regularly to share her experiences with others in a similar situation coupled with Steph's desire to reduce the obstacles that prevent people from moving forward.

Why the name making Lemonade?

During tough times when Steph was adapting to living with sihnt loss, she regularly told herself... "If life deals you lemons... get out there and make lemonade!"

What else could she call her business that supports people to make lemonade from the lemons they have been dealt and helps organisations realise that obstacles they originally perceive as lemons can be turned to their advantage into lemonade?