Jane Sunley, CEO PurpleCubed presents "Inspired, happy and more profitable people"

By Steve Williams

Review of 'Inspired, happy and more profitable people' - a presentation by HR in Hospitality President, Jane Sunley

The people ‘at the sharp end’ delivering service and creating the guest experience need trust, support, guidance and overall to be treated as adults. Yet their actual experiences can be very different. This fast paced session examined this mismatch and was packed with common sense advice, relevant examples and stories.

The importance of employee engagement was examined with, on average 20% of employees engaged, 20% actively disengaged and the rest somewhere in between. A shocking statistic is that the volume of those who are at best treading water and, at worst, actively sabotaging a business, has doubled over the recessionary years - HR has some serious work to do here.

Working through a visual representation of the employees journey (the purple plan) see below; the importance of culture and values were covered at every stage.

The session also looked at generation theory with some great detail around how each generation may vary in their outlook on life; how, by enhanced understanding, people can communicate more effectively and thus work better together.- Click on the link -  Generation Slides

Overall a thought provoking and inspiring  session which was enjoyed by over 60 members.

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