Influencing Sustainable Change and Improving Business Results

By Esther

Summary overview of last event held 24 April 2013.

Summary overview for web site of last event held 24 April 2013

Richard Pound from Graham Robb Associates presented a thought provoking taster session on “The Challenge of Influencing” to our members. He said there are so many different sources of influence we could use as managers to encourage a change in behaviour. Some of the key points he highlighted to help us understand what key behaviours will lead to the greatest amount of change were;

  • What are the measurable results you want to achieve? Be clear on this.
  • What are the sources that will motivate and enable change? There is a model of 6 Sources of Influence.
  • “Positive deviants” find out what others are doing differently
  • Focus on Behaviours that you can influence.
  • ABCD – always be connecting the dots! Empower staff to go above and beyond
  • Understand why we do what we do? Motivation = people want to do it or Ability = because they can do it!
  • You can learn the skill of will power!
  • Understand the impact of change of environment and the influence this has on behaviour.

He reinforced the learning with some great short video clips that demonstrated the power of experience and stories.

Esther O’Halloran