Awards for Excellence in HR 2021

We have been recognising excellence in hospitality HR teams for 25 years now, so I am delighted once again, to announce the winners for this years 25 th HR in Hospitality Awards 2021.

Esther & the HR in Hospitality Committee.

Excellence in Employee Engagement

Oriental Club (Winner) Judges felt that The winner of this category demonstrated Exceptional examples that cover both engagement & productivity.  From adverse Covid related trading and tough business decisions that had to be made, resulting in a long lasting positive impact from their strategy and actions.  They covered all aspects of business success in their engagement approach, from the customer and colleagues, to revenue and legislation.  Judges LOVED the direct links from their values to their results and so they are worthy winners.  

Excellence in Learning & Development

Dishoom (Winner) Judges said this was…A Well thought out entry with great supporting videos delivering a welcome back positive tone. It was Innovative, looking at staff's hinterlands and expertise from perhaps previous careers or outside interests.  They didn't hire a fancy studio, instead used their own place. It was Highly engaging and The Learning Library is great. They deliver very well, building on their knowledge and skills, keeping the focus of learning friendly and ensuring a family oriented approach to development.

Excellence in Promoting Careers

The Grand Brighton (Winner) The Judges were so impressed with the local initiatives taken to ensure hospitality is promoted at all levels and in all communities. A breath taking 8% of their workforce is employed due to these programmes and raising awareness campaigns that is stenciled from their "grow locally" mission. They have a strong reach out to a demographic that has never considered hospitality as a career of choice. Their innovative programmes are also aimed at untapped talent including people with learning difficulties. As a result of their hard work and efforts, they are deemed the employer of choice in their local community.

Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

Dorchester Collection (Joint Winner) with Red Carnation Hotels (Joint Winner) The judges found it so difficult to call out this category. It was clear that whilst each was very different in their approaches and have fully embraced the world of D&I they decided on Joint Winners! Both engaged underrepresented groups in meaningful ways that will ensure a bright future for their colleagues and our future hospitality workforce. Their dedication to ensuring an equal workplace for all are pioneering and should be recognised as such.

HR Team of The Year

PPHE Hotel Group (Winner) Judges felt this was delivered with very heartfelt support. We loved their Values were at the forefront of their mind, guiding all decisions they made through-out the pandemic chaos. Supporting redundant team members with CV workshops while going through their own internal consultations.  Enabling some Amazing secondments with colleagues to the NHS and a London Clinic and also vaccination centres during the pandemic. They even set up a Mini shop for employees at cost, which the judges thought was fantastic.

Excellence in Resilience & Wellbeing
CH&CO (Winner) The judges recognised the size of this huge operation meant they had the hardest communication and logistics challenge from all the entrants.  Somehow, they managed to reposition their people strategy and make wellbeing an important part of it.  They had an holistic approach around 5 areas and employees felt strongly supported throughout. 
Cheval Collection (Winner) A genuinely holistic approach to resilience and wellbeing that linked in with the values of the business.  This was a very integrated and long-term strategy around the 3 pillars of wellbeing with the intention being to normalize conversations around this subject.  This entry included some excellent employee testimonials and evidence which really impressed the judges. 
The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane (Winner) An integrated approach to wellbeing that included 7 standards of wellbeing which was launched at the beginning of the pandemic.  A survey was established to ensure achievement could be measured, then a comprehensive set of actions showed true commitment to the 7 standards.  The judges felt this was part of a long term strategy which is now embedded throughout all levels of their infrastructure.
HR Rising Star

Dorya Djebbar (CH&CO) (Winner) The judges felt  this rising star  went above and beyond to deal with some really difficult challenges, including leading a tribunal, working with the MD to develop a new structure, taking the lead on collective consultations, and dealing with unions. A great list of accomplishments demonstrating true HR grit and resilience. They also felt she is obviously a very clever cookie with a clear career path and development plan. They can see her fast becoming one of the industries HRD’s of the future.

Outstanding Leader of the Year

Jeevan Shetty (The Ritz) (Winner) This leader is passionate about achieving results and ensures that those around have the knowledge and passion to deliver, allowing people to grow through providing context and examples.  In the past 18 months, this leader has approached every challenge with a clear, level-headed logic and been instrumental in creating viable solutions, they are a champion for continuous professional development, and leads by example. The judges felt that the winner went above and beyond the call of duty in keeping his team motivated and engaged through tremendously difficult times in an open, caring and honest way.  True leadership was demonstrated with times being hard and the individual’s professionalism and commitment just shone through.  Knowing that the entrant worked in operations for many years prior to moving over to the “dark side” of finance (!), it was uplifting to hear that his management and leadership skills have developed in a way that is sometimes missing from financial leaders and that he takes his team with him and puts them at the forefront of the business.  One to watch for the future!