Awards for Excellence in HR 2021

Wow! You have all really gone full on to share what you have been working on, showcasing how you have risen to the challenges we have faced and what has been keeping you busy. We have been recognising excellence in hospitality HR teams for 25 years now, so I am delighted once again, to announce the shortlist for this years 25 th HR in Hospitality Awards 2021.

Our awards event this year will be a little different, less formal (no Black Tie) but still glamourous and fun. We will of course be celebrating in true hospitality style, networking, mingling, drinking, eating and of course recognising our winners so I do hope to see all of you there at the awards event.

This year's event will be taking place on Friday 24th September at Sofitel St James. Tickets are available on our website.

See you all soon!

Esther & the HR in Hospitality Committee

2021 Shortlist

Well done to all of you that made it to the final shortlist stage and truly sorry for those who sadly did not. We know it has been hard for everyone and you made it even harder for the judges as they started going through the category entries, to decide on the winners. We received some fantastic entries, you really made your stories come to life and backed it up with evidence, so well done to all of you on getting on to the shortlist.

Excellence in Employee Engagement

This award looks for how HR has helped build business success in the last 12 to 24 months through engaging its people. The judges will want to see what you have done to get the people bit right, how you have motivated your staff to be more productive (unlock discretionary effort) and deliver better performance. You need to demonstrate that the values are lived and not just spoken. What do you do to get your people engaged and on-board, to deliver that great service and go that extra mile?

Excellence in Promoting Careers

This award is all about attracting untapped talent, providing development opportunities and promoting the sector as a ‘Great Place to Work’. To win this award judges are looking for a team or individual who has built strong links in the education sector (schools, colleges or universities) or working alongside charities to encourage and inspire people to join the industry. This could also be about the Apprenticeship Schemes you are operating in your organisation. They work to help change perceptions of a career in hospitality and will have developed a solid employer brand. A one-off event could achieve this or by building a long-term partnership and programme over the last 12 to 24 months.



Excellence in Resilience & Wellbeing

We all recognise the impact of the pandemic and we know many of you place employee wellbeing at the heart of the organisation and have embedded a strong culture of workplace wellbeing. Investing in people’s health and well-being is good for business but it’s also the right thing to do. Maybe you have some stories to tell of successful programmes that have focused around the 3 pillars of wellbeing; physical, social and psychological and how you have been proactive in promoting people’s well-being and a safe return to work.

Excellence in Learning & Development

This award is all about Building Capability within your organisation. To win this award we are looking for a learning and development initiative within the last 12 to 24 months or a way of operating/working that develops the talent of individuals and/or team(s). The judges will be looking for evidence that building capability through learning is embedded in the business. They will want to see well-delivered and well-designed learning and development programmes.

HR Team of The Year

This award is aimed at HR teams that can demonstrate genuine strategic status and adding value within their organisations with tangible measurable results. Entries should explain the business strategy and the contribution of the HR team to meeting objectives. Judges will look at the team’s own HR strategy, how this was devised and implemented, the involvement and collaboration with other functions and what results have been achieved. Entries should explain how the team identified priorities and how HR has measured the benefits over the last 12 to 24-month period. The entry can include specific projects that you have worked on and can also demonstrate the function’s collaborative approach and ability to attract and develop excellent HR people and build relationships.


Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

This award is all about demonstrating the value of a diverse workforce to your business. To win this award we are looking for evidence that an organisation is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and has taken measures to put some great processes in place to encourage this. What initiatives have you been working on for the last 12 to 24 months that have delivered positive results around staff engagement, development, recruitment and retention.

HR Rising Star

We are looking for that HR Rising Star the one to watch, who will be a future HR Leader, the winner of this award will also receive a scholarship for their development from They are on a career development path where their contribution to the HR team is really making a difference. This person may be in any role within the HR team, but you can see their potential through their skills, the way they work and the results they are achieving.  Entrants can self-nominate or be entered by their organisation, ideally, they need to have worked in HR for at least 2 years but not necessarily in their current position within the team. Testimonial statements from the HR Director or other managers can be submitted in support of this entry. The winner of this award will also receive a scholarship to use towards developing their personal HR training or qualifications.