Excellence in Promoting Careers

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This award is all about attracting untapped talent, providing development opportunities and promoting the sector as a ‘Great Place to Work’. To win this award judges are looking for a team or individual who has built strong links in the education sector (schools, colleges or universities) or working alongside charities to encourage and inspire people to join the industry. This could also be about the Apprenticeship Schemes you are operating in your organisation. They work to help change perceptions of a career in hospitality and will have developed a solid employer brand. A one-off event could achieve this or by building a long-term partnership and programme over the last 12 to 24 months.

1. What was the business challenge or need? What did you do to build positive relationships and external links to promote careers in hospitality?

2. How was the programme or initiative inspiring? What did you focus on and do, for example Apprenticeships, Ambassadors programme, mentoring students or work experience, trainees? 

3. How have you supported this initiative? What was the impact on the wider community?

4. What impact or benefits did this have on the organisation? How have you measured the results? (Please provide tangible measures and examples to support your initiative).