Be the best possible version of YOU – Sally Prescott

By devadmin

I’ve recently taken up Pilates. I’ve made a commitment to do three 10-minute Pilates sessions every week with the help of a DVD. I take it with me when I’m working away so I don’t have any excuse not to do it!

Despite being a regular at the gym, I felt like I needed something extra to keep fit and healthy. We all have busy lives. I travel a lot and sometimes this sometimes makes it hard to exercise and eat healthily, but finding time for fitness and achieving balance in life is important to me. Choosing this lifestyle enables me to be the best I can possibly me – for my family, my clients, and my business.

Working all hours is not the answer

Too often these days we feel under pressure to be super productive, balancing our business and personal lives, striving to squeeze as much as possible into every day. But working all hours is not the answer. After a while it takes it’s toll on your body and before you know it you’re ill. It hits you like a tonne of bricks (most probably when you take time off to go on holiday). It’s your body’s way of telling you it’s had enough and something needs to change.

It’s time to make some lifestyle decisions

If spending your well-earned break in your sick bed rather than a sun bed sounds familiar, then it’s time to make some lifestyle changes. I don’t mean going to the gym and eating well for a few weeks, then slowly drifting back into old habits. I mean permanent commitments to live a healthier, more balanced life. If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t be the best you can be to other people. You probably take your car for a service every year, so why not do the same for your body.

I guarantee that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking time for yourself will enable you to deliver amazing results in all aspects of your life. Employers would much rather have happy healthy and balanced individuals in their teams – they are much more productive. Your family and friends will appreciate it too. But you are the most important person in all this. Focus on your own wellbeing and you’ll be able to work and play hard!

Take action – get a coach!

Wellbeing is all about being balanced and well in all aspects of your life. If you feel confused, unwell or out of sorts, coaching is a hugely powerful way to get to the root cause of your in-balance. It could be diet or exercise-related, or fear of dealing with a challenging situation. A coaching conversation gives clarity to your thinking, which improves wellness, gives you balance, and a real feel good factor. Once your wellbeing has been addressed, you’ll be able to think more clearly and able to achieve your desired outcomes.

Allow yourself a treat

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Don’t deny yourself the odd treat. I strive to be healthy during the week and allow myself a treat at the weekend – usually chocolate and the odd gin and tonic! Followed up by an extra Pilates session on Monday!

Make a commitment to a balanced and productive life

I’ve noticed a difference since taking up Pilates – I feel stronger and suppler. What’s the one change you can make to your lifestyle to keep fit, well, healthy and productive? Let’s share our great ideas (or can we call them commitments?) below and inspire one other to become the best, most balanced, version of ourselves.