As mandatory gender pay reporting approaches, how equal is your organisation's pay?

By devadmin

There has never been a better time for employers to audit internal processes on pay. The Government’s consultation on mandatory gender pay gap reporting closed on 11 March, and although the consultation process has highlighted a number of problems with the draft regulations, the reference period for reporting is unlikely to change.   Employers will be required to calculate pay data for the pay period which includes 30 April 2017 – so decisions made on pay as early as May 2016 will have an impact on figures. These pay decisions need to be transparent, well documented, and moderated across the organisation to ensure that pay decisions on recruitment, promotion, annual pay reviews and particularly bonus awards do not lead to discrepancies and a higher risk of discrimination and equal pay claims.   Click through to Be Aware to take our 60-second quiz “How equal is your pay?” to see how fair your organisation’s pay structures are, and to identify any potential problem areas while there is still time to take action.