HR Team of the Year

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This award is aimed at HR teams that can demonstrate genuine strategic status and adding value within their organisations with tangible measurable results. Entries should explain the business strategy and the contribution of the HR team to meeting objectives. Judges will look at the team’s own HR strategy, how this was devised and implemented, the involvement and collaboration with other functions and what results have been achieved. Entries should explain how the team identified priorities and how HR has measured the benefits over the last 12 to 24-month period. The entry can include specific projects that you have worked on and can also demonstrate the function’s collaborative approach and ability to attract and develop excellent HR people and build relationships.

1. What was the business strategy or challenge you needed to address? What approach did you use to meet the strategic needs of your organisation?

2. What have you done to demonstrate that you have developed an effective, collaborative HR team? How have you shown HR at its most creative and flexible?

3. What were your HR priorities and what measures did you put in place to meet the needs for an ever-changing market?

4. What has been the benefit or added value seen as a result of the HR teams contribution? (Please provide measurable evidence of the results you have achieved).