Excellence in Talent Attraction

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This award is all about Innovation in Recruitment and what you have done to attract and retain talent in the last 12 to 24 months either externally or internally. To win this award we are looking for effective recruitment solutions that have helped you attract and select talent at all levels across the organisation. You may include more than one initiative or recruitment approach to be considered. The judges will be particularly interested in self-sufficient methods (i.e. the vacancy is not simply passed to a third party to source).  How does your recruitment initiative feed into your succession plan or talent pool? What methods do you use to attract the right talent (social media, employer brand) and how do you measure and assess the capability of applicants (internal and external methods can be included).

1. What was the business need or challenge for your recruitment initiative? How did it meet the business and operational needs?

2. What did you do to ensure that the recruitment initiative was, innovative, self sufficient, cost effective and delivered on time?

3. How does your recruitment plan feed into your succession planning and talent pool? How have you measured the success? (Please provide supporting data, attraction materials, social media campaigns or assessment criteria).

4. What has been the benefit or value to the business as a result of this recruitment initiative? Has it worked?