Excellence in Reward & Recognition

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New Award for 2024

Reward and Recognition strategies are central to good people management and developing a strategic approach that focuses on acknowledging and appreciating people for their hard work and dedication makes good business sense. They can act as a major lever in supporting business objectives, improving employee performance, attracting and retaining talent, supporting constructive employment relations, and being part of what it means to be a responsible business. Examples of initiatives could include: the creation of a suite of recognition tools, a new pay or bonus structure; or a plan to reduce the gender pay gap, a complete review of your benefits and perks and the way you recognise your people.

1. Why was this initiative necessary? What was the driver for your R&R initiative? How does it align to your organisation strategy? 

2. Describe how it was delivered. What obstacles or challenges did you overcome? What makes this initiative stand out?
3. How did you communicate or engage with stakeholders in your organisation?
4. What has been the impact (results) of your R&R focus? How have you measured it? Include quantitative and qualitative measures (ROI, productivity, engagement) and outcomes. (Please provide evidence or examples and tangible results).