Excellence in Wellbeing

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We all recognise the impact of the pandemic and we know many of you place employee wellbeing at the heart of the organisation and have embedded a strong culture of workplace wellbeing. Investing in people’s health and well-being is good for business but it’s also the right thing to do. Maybe you have some stories to tell of successful programmes that have focused around the 3 pillars of wellbeing; physical, social and psychological and how you have been proactive in promoting people’s well-being and a safe return to work.


1. What was the drive for your wellbeing initiative? How does it align to your organisation strategy?

2. Describe what you have done to promote wellbeing. How have you integrated it across your day to day activities?

3. How has the concept of wellbeing been embedded into your organisation?

4. What has been the impact (results) of your wellbeing focus? Include quantitative and qualitative measures (ROI, productivity, engagement) and outcomes. (Please provide evidence or examples and tangible results).