Excellence in Learning & Development

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This award is all about Building Capability within your organisation. To win this award we are looking for a learning and development initiative within the last 12 to 24 months or a way of operating/working that develops the talent of individuals and/or team(s). The judges will be looking for evidence that building capability through learning is embedded in the business. They will want to see well-delivered and well-designed learning and development programmes. What impact did this initiative have on the business and how did it help staff focus on key organisational objectives?

1. What was your overall L&D approach to Building Capability?  What was the business need/challenge you were trying to address?

2. What skills and capabilities were you trying to improve? Why was this important? What were the challenges you faced?

3. How did you deliver your learning initiative across the business? What results did you see and how did you measure them? (Please provide supporting data)

4. What were the benefits and impact of the learning initiative for the business? How is learning now embedded in the business.