Excellence in Employee Engagement

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This award looks for how HR has helped build business success in the last 12 to 24 months through engaging its people. The judges will want to see what you have done to get the people bit right, how you have motivated your staff to be more productive (unlock discretionary effort) and deliver better performance. You need to demonstrate that the values are lived and not just spoken. What do you do to get your people engaged and on-board, to deliver that great service and go that extra mile?


1. What were your objectives and challenge to get people engaged? Why?

2. Give a clear example of an employee engagement initiative in your organisation and how you have unlocked that discretionary effort from staff? What did you do?

3. How did you measure the impact of your engagement initiative? What were the results? (Please provide measurable evidence, staff survey, opinions, HR metrics)

4. What benefits have you seen for your organisation in terms of motivation and business benefits?