Tom Hyatt, Solicitor – Herrington Carmichael

Tom Hyatt Headshot


Speaker Overview:

Tom Hyatt is Solicitor from Herrington Carmichael.  Herrington Carmichael has a specialist focus within the Leisure and Hospitality sector across its legal groups and Tom advises on employment and HR matters.

Tom is leading the way in terms of Artificial Intelligence and its application to HR and employment practices.  He regularly helps both employers and employees to embrace these new technologies with an understanding of their legal implications and compliance requirements.  His commitment to the sector allows him to address its distinct challenges and opportunities with informed and practical solutions.

Through his involvement, Tom guides employers through the complexities of AI usage, helping employers to avoid the legal pitfalls and ensure a positive, productive, and inclusive working environment.  His balanced approach has helped businesses to bridge the gap between technological innovation and the core values of the leisure and hospitality sector.

Tom’s participation in conferences and seminars reflects his dedication to sharing knowledge and promoting an informed community of HR professionals and business leaders within the Hospitality sector.  Tom is committed to encouraging a responsible and beneficial adoption of technology, ensuring that the sector not only keeps pace with change but does so with awareness of the legal and ethical considerations.  His contributions are driven by a genuine passion for supporting the industry's growth and helping it navigate the complexities of the digital age.

Beyond AI, Tom’s expertise spans the full range of employment law within the Leisure and Hospitality sector, positioning him as a key advisor for its legal challenges and growth.

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