Stefan Wissenbach

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowered

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Keynote Overview:

Passionate that hospitality is in every way a profession, not an industry, Stefan’s keynote address will share how you can create ‘a healthy hotel’ that’s easier to resource and run. Drawing on over two decades of experience, several million data points and over 20,000 culture assessments, Stefan will show how to create a culture where the employees delivering the guest experience are as fulfilled as the guests enjoying it.

Stefan believes the next decade will be a golden era in the hospitality profession and that having a strong culture will separate the winners from the losers.  Those who get it right will enjoy a thriving and positive environment that is immediately evident to guests, sought after by candidates, and cherished by employees.  Those that don’t will struggle to survive, and many will fail.  His keynote will show you what is needed to be amongst the winners and how to easily succeed.



Stefan Wissenbach is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Empowered, The Empowered Program and Engagement Multiplier.

He is passionate about the hospitality profession and equipping organisations with the right culture frameworks and mindsets, so they can attract and retain the best talent and fulfil their potential.  His unique approach is to simplify the complex and provide simple proven structures and frameworks that are easy to implement whilst delivering bottom-line business benefits.

His company, Empowered, works with some of the world’s leading hoteliers and brands and is the People and Culture Partner for Preferred.  Stefan regularly speaks at hospitality conferences in Europe and the USA, sharing his passion for cultures that create ‘Everyone’s Dream Company’. His latest book, 'Hospitality: It’s a profession not an industry!' will be published shortly.

Stefan is the Founder of The Magic Future Foundation, which is building 100 schools in honour of his late son Oliver Wissenbach.


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