Ginisha Vekaria, Workplace Menstrual Wellbeing Programme Manager

Ginisha Vekaria


Speaker Overview:

Ginisha is a highly experienced project leader with over seven years of experience in managing projects that have a positive impact on communities and support vulnerable groups. She is passionate about driving change and empowering those who suffer from endometriosis.

Ginisha is keen on making a significant difference in the lives of women who struggle with endometriosis and raising awareness about the condition. Her current role at Endometriosis UK allows her to collaborate with employers to raise awareness about menstrual health issues and create a supportive environment for women and individuals assigned female at birth to excel in their workplace.

Ginisha works with these employers to help them understand the necessary steps they can take to support individuals with endometriosis and make the workplace more accommodating for them. In addition to her work with Endometriosis UK, Ginisha is also involved in various community-based projects that focus on empowering women and girls. Her experience in leading these projects has given her a unique perspective on the challenges faced by vulnerable groups and has honed her skills in project management, communication, and leadership.

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