Becky Kearns, Fertility Matters at Work Co-Founder

Becky Kearns


Speaker Overview:

After working in HR for a number of well-known corporate and public organisations, Becky is a Fertility Patient Advocate as ‘Defining Mum’ as well as the Founder of Paths to Parenthub, a virtual support platform for those needing to use donor conception to build their family. Following a difficult fertility journey, which involved numerous IVF Cycles and miscarriage, Becky is now a Mum to 3 girls thanks to egg donation.

She’s passionate about raising awareness and wants to change the support available for those experiencing fertility treatment in the future, particularly in the workplace. Having written and spoken about fertility at work as part of BBC Fertility Week 2019 she joined forces with her co-founders Natalie and Claire in 2020 to form a Social Enterprise, Fertility Matters at Work. Together they are on a mission to support organisations in becoming fertility friendly, ensuring that fertility challenges are recognised and supported in all workplaces. She writes and speaks passionately on this topic, having been featured on BBC Breakfast, BBC Womans Hour and in writing for Grazia.

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