About HRH

The Association provides a forum for Human Resources professionals & other interested parties within the hospitality industry. The HCPTA was formed in May 1975 out of an amalgamation between the Hotel & Catering Personnel Managers Association which was founded in 1968, and The Hotel & Catering Training Association founded in 1966. The association was renamed H.R. in Hospitality in March 2009.

Our Aims

  • To facilitate members’ professional development through the provision of a programme of speakers & discussions on relevant topics. To assist members newly appointed to the HR function.
  • To make known the activities of the Association, on any current issues, by keeping a close liaison with the press, training organisations, educational establishments, government departments, trade and professional associations and other similar organisations.
  • To foster links between the industry and all sectors of education.
  • To organise various social events on relevant occasions.

Our Objectives

  • To expand our membership to include organisations outside London
  • To offer interesting and innovative events for our members
  • To increase our profile and to be a leading forum and voice for HR in the Hospitality Industry
  • To actively attract and encourage the development of our young HR Professionals

“I've been a member of HR in Hospitality for well over 20 years and have found it invaluable in terms of both networking and support though also as an opportunity to give back to a profession in which I enjoy a good career. The organisation is vibrant, well managed and contemporary in its approach. I'd highly recommend joining up to anyone who is, or is aspiring to be, a leader in the hospitality HR space or simply has an interest in 'the people stuff'. ”

Jane Sunley, Chairman + FounderPurple Cubed

“It is an honour to be a member of HR in Hospitality, an organisation dedicated to our industries most important asset - OUR PEOPLE! By working with HRinH, we will continue to grow, via applicable skills and knowledge, the Hospitality Industry and the amazing work already done will continue to build a long lasting legacy both myself and others can rely upon.”

Eugenio Pirri, Vice President, People & Organisational DevelopmentDorchester Collection