About Sport Inspired

By Steve Williams

"Putting the 'S' into CSR" guest speaker Richard Raynes, Founding Director of  Sport Inspired talked about volunteering and community engagement.

Sportinspired is a not for profit organisation that brings together businesses and local communities through sport. Their   business partnerships help local communities to tackle apathy, anti-social behaviour and obesity, whilst local community participation helps their business partners to achieve their HR and CSR strategic goals. A very inspirational presentation that really got you thinking about how simple activities (literally any type of sport) can bring people together, and the impact that sport can have on very disadvantaged kids and the power to make changes to their lives is enormous. They can help you:

*Turn employee volunteering opportunities into sports/activity initiatives and get people out into your local community
*Find the right volunteering for your staff that will keep them motivated
*Understand the benefits of increasing skills through; project management, team building, mentoring opportunities
*Hit on the type of employee volunteering that your staff will love
*Bring out the best in your teams by focus on movement, energy, passions, leading teams, making connections in the local community

Watch the video - Sport Inspired

HR really should be at the centre of CSR in any organisation and understand and be driving sustainability as at all points it impacts or involves people. It is not just about ticking the CSR strategy box! It is about doing the right thing collectively and making a sustainable difference for your employees of the future.

Sport Inspired