About Considerate Hoteliers

By Steve Williams

Mark Jones and Chris Burgess  from Considerate Hoteliers presented the people pillars of CSR and how to align good people practices with business strategy through volunteering and community engagement.

Considerate Hoteliers is an organisation that enables businesses to share knowledge though their hub and act as a central point of contact for CSR. They provide responsible business guidance to all those involved with Considerate Hoteliers, whilst fully understanding that a commercial business must be profitable in order to be sustainable.  Shared insights into some great Green initiatives where organisations can involve their staff. Some of the key points worth remembering are:

*The true value of any initiatives should be well communicated using all the channels you have
*The Key is to monitor and measure your CSR indicators and there are many ways you can do this
*You may wish to consider some Green Initiatives such as – One World Water encourage you to use filter water to replace bottle water and stop using plastic, did you know only 10% of plastic bottles get recycled? Plan Zheroes – they link up businesses who have surplus food and help redistribute it to charities and organisations in need, did you know 650,000 tonnes of food thrown away each year in UK hotels and restaurants? Plan Bee offer a fully managed bee hive service and you can adopt a bee hive, did you know you could even serve the honey they make or sell it?
*When thinking about sustainability it is also worth looking at the micro and macro environment and where this fits in your CSR strategy, such as the compliance demands being put on your organisation, customer experience and stakeholder expectations. Think of the benefits of having a clear CSR strategy linked to your people strategy such as; improving retention and staff engagement, providing opportunity to learn new skills and give people responsibility and ownership for sustainability issues.