Exhibitors at Wellbeing in Hospitality – 17th November

By Steve Williams

Banishing the January blues: Building wellbeing and engagement in the dullest month of the year

We all know that January is the worst month of the year (unless you can afford to jet off to the Caribbean) so it’s worth planning in advance how you are going to stay cheerful and keep your people ‘present’, motivated and enhancing your employer brand with outstanding guest experiences.


The Link between Wellbeing and a Great Guest Experience:

The subject of ‘The Psychological Contract’ is always a ‘current’ topic amongst HR Professionals with most agreeing that trust between an employer and a team member is a crucial first step to building Engagement.

Building an environment of trust centres around communication, an open climate and building a culture where team members feel valued, developed and empowered.

The hospitality industry is a fast paced, dynamic environment that offers great opportunity but demands high energy levels and commitment so building a culture of well being is a crucial part of achieving organisational success.

This doesn’t have to mean huge financial outlay – a Thank You for a job well done is a start – but sometimes we need some expert help…

Join us & be well!

So! To help you plan for a New Year of healthy, committed and ‘present’ teams – join us at Park Plaza Riverbank for some festive nibbles and a ‘Christmas Fayre’ of ‘Wellbeing and Benefits’ providers. – You can start with checking in on your own wellbeing with a glass of Mulled wine and a start to the festive season

Come and meet:

  • James Staring : Personal trainer – provider of exercise classes and personal advice on a healthier lifestyle
  • Angela Steel : Superwellness – Nutritionalist and health advisor
  • Mark Boddington : From the NHS Quit Smoking support team – provider of workshops and individual support for those looking to quit for 2015
  • PERKS – Providing discounted shopping opportunities
  • Heathshields – Cash Back Health Insurance scheme – cash back for ‘health’ bills!
  • Considerate Hoteliers – maximising the positive impact your business has on your neighbours, the planet & your teams
  • BLG – Financial advisors
  • Mike Gillham – Occupational Health Manager – assisting presenteeism!
  • Hospitality Action - the charity dedicated to supporting those in the hospitality sector.
  • Stella And Dot Jewelry – maybe some Christmas presents or a little treat for yourself!
  • In Spa – try a relaxing free Massages!

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